Kayla Perkins


Demo Reel

Pro-Life New Born Lifeline TV Commercial

N.A.M.I Health Care TV Commercial

Papa John's TV Commercial
Look for me right behind Coach Cal on his right side, second row in blue and white t-shirt with the white taboggin on my head

"Cold" - Music Video

"Cap 1's Se7en" - Music Video

Into The Darkness Movie Trailer

The Girl Movie Trailer

The Killbillies Movie Trailer

The Killbillies Movie Trailer (2)

Nightmare Haunted House TV Commercial

Sutherland Chevorlet TV Commercial

Great Escape Theatre "No Phones in Theater" 
 "I'm the first one on front row on the left texting"

My First Demo Reel

News 36 Story On Home At Last
Some Charity Volunteer Work I did for Animals in need

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